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Jürgen Feja
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Safety system for maintenance workshops

More complex than never before

The control system made by Berghof Process Management for the biggest ICE maintenance workshop in Europe.

After a construction period of nearly two years, recently the Deutsche Bahn opened the most modern and largest maintenance workshop in the district Nippes of Cologne.

Here the Deutsche Bahn services up to 17 high-speed trains a day, including the new ICE 4. Heart and brain of the impressive system is the central control system.

Berghof Process Management, the railway control management specialists of the Berghof group, won the bid, with their operations control computer (BFR) which is based on the IBIS control system developed by Berghof.

A real milestone for the experienced Berghof experts:
Never before they installed so many sensors, protection systems and interfaces and linked them as it was done for this project.

More details on the vehicles can be called via an Info key. Within the track magnifying glass it is also possible to display the corresponding live image of the video monitoring system.

→ Press release (PDF, German)