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Safety system for maintenance workshops

Less stand stills - reduced costs

Trains, equipment belonging to the track and on the outdoor areas, as well as the work stations are monitored by sensors.

After the train has been recorded, the operations control computer checks if everything has been prepared for the arrival on the respective track.

Then, the entry takes place automatically: The train rolls over the sensor; this warns the employees in the hall by warning lights and horns. The gate opens, the train comes in, the gate closes, and the warning systems are switched off.

The linking to the signal box manages the departures in a way that the train is led to a free route and with this travelling out is possible without additional stops.

In addition to the automation of the processes, also the safety at work is ensured: Via terminals for capturing the operating data collection that are built near the hall tracks employees login for a certain activity via transponder. After this, the track will be blocked automatically for any train movements. This system is completely developed and installed in compliance with the safety criteria of the Eisenbahnbundesamt

Via access to the railway planning systems (e.g. SAP) and ZLV-systems (train tracking) as well as the information received from the signal box, scheduled and current statuses in the track environment of the depot can be visualised (display of train positions and train numbers).