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Safety system for maintenance workshops


Less stand stills - reduced costs

IBIS makes it possible to optimize performance of service and maintenance works using all available resources of technology, tracks, and personnel while observing the safety regulations and standards. Downtimes are diminished and costs are reduced.


The modular program system for the operational management of maintenance workshops

  • IBIS provides for the time-optimised arrival and departure of trains while ensuring all safety conditions.
  • Graphical overview and efficient user interface within the hall with display of arriving and departing train consists.
  • Central disposition of all safety-relevant processes in the hall by one dispatcher.
  • Capture and control of the train operation for train entry to train exit with logical checking of the entry and exit criteria.
  • Capture of statuses of electrical and machine-related systems.
  • Compliance with industrial safety by controlling the safety technology.
  • Access control and monitoring of activities in the track area via BDE terminals.
  • Fault report and recording.
  • Documentation of system operation in a database.
  • Management of persons referring to capacity and qualification - can be selected as option to timekeeping (BDE system).
  • Control of hall and pit lighting.
  • Video monitoring of track areas within the hall and the track before the hall.
  • Logbook for all actions, messages, faults, etc. with selective evaluation possibility.