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Jürgen Feja
Sales Manager International
Railway | Logistics
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Management system for rail vehicles
in the depot area

Overall control by clear representation

Schematic system diagrams, labelling of the different locations and equipment and coding by colours and symbols are created in cooperation with the plant manager and the administrator.

The schematic presentation of the whole network includes:

  • Each train and vehicle number and their positions on the track.
  • Each vehicle shown as blocks that can be displaced by mouse, so that they show the correct position within the workshop area.
    The purpose of the functionality is it to display the management and placement of the vehicles on the track.
    The limits for displacing the blocks refer to the physical limits where the axle counters are installed. It is not possible to displace a certain block behind such a limit.
  • Each track and any possible route.
  • Visual distinguishing between electrified and not electrified tracks (if existing).
  • The occupation status of the tracks (free, occupied).
  • The route status (created, switched, passed, released).
  • The status details of the decommissioning or commissioning of a zone.