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Management system for rail vehicles in the depot area

Economically and technically perfect

The disposition system is used for computer-aided disposition of vehicles within the depot area and represents the front-end control tool for the organisation of travel processes. It overrides the control computer of the shunting signal box and communicates bidirectionally.
With this, all relevant pieces of status data of the shunting signal box are read, visualised and route requests are transferred from the disposition system to the control system.

The disposition system consists of the overview with the track diagram, individual detailed views per track area, a logbook and diverse dialogs.

The wholes system is displayed on the display screens as a general layout. It allows the presentation of the system status and finding of the position of the vehicles in the workshop area in graphical overviews. In this way, the operator at the shunting signal box can sent route requirements.

The track diagram shows the current distribution of the rail vehicles in the track area. Train movements can be initiated by Drag & Drop or by mouse click and started by the following dialog.

  • Facilitated tuning of operating processes and higher safety.
  • Coordinated and optimised tuning with all travel processes.
  • Summarising of vehicle disposition and signal box – only one human interface required.
  • It is the target of the Berghof disposition system to identify and localise all trains. The identification (vehicle number) and the belonging information (number of wheel axles, condition, etc.) are transferred to the disposition system, e.g. consisting of SAP. The route is released by the signal box.
  • Disposition system for monitoring, scheduling and controlling of travel processes in the shunting signal box.
  • It optimises the shunting operation.
  • Failure prevention due to substitute systems.
  • Centralisation of monitoring and control of travel processes within the depot area.
  • Communication with external signal box, e.g. controlling of EBP systems for train number transfer with TDS (train number reporting with arrivals and departures).
  • It allows automatic arrivals in the depot area due to automatic route control and selection of free tracks in the depot.