Jürgen Feja
Sales Manager International
Railway | Logistics
P +49 3601 4777-22
F +49 3601 4777-10

Operating management system for transshipment stations
and terminals in intermodal transport

BLU made by Berghof is providing a very efficient, complete solution to you

BLU made by Berghof has consistently been designed in a modular structure and therefore, it can be adapted to large locations as well as ideally to small locations. BLU increases the efficiency successfully, improves control all over Europe at more than 30 transshipment stations in the field.

These include Köln Eifeltor, Hamburg-Billwerder, Basel-Weil on the Rhine, Kornwestheim, Commercial Port of Mannheim, Leipzig-Wahren, Ulm-Dornstadt, Frankfurt-Ost, Großbeeren Wien-Freudenau, and Małaszewicze.

Other locations are in progress.