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Railway | Logistics
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Operating management system for transshipment stations
and terminals in intermodal transport

High performance terminal MegaHub Lehrte

At the MegaHub Lehrte, a special loading program BLU for high-performance terminals in intermodal traffic is used for transfer optimisation.

BLU, the operating management system for transhipment stations made by Berghof is a modern and intelligent operating management system that controls, monitors and handles all processes on transfer stations and terminals.

With this, an improved control of the process organization as well as shorter crane and passage times for trucks and trains are reached. BLU describes the operative terminal processes between rail or road input and the output. It provides the required transhipment jobs to the crane operators per Wi-Fi and the truck drivers receive the exact position for picking up or unloading of the loading units in the crane path.

The dispatcher of the control centre selects the appropriate disposition strategy:
Operationally efficient, energy saving or a faster transshipment.


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