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Operating management system for transshipment stations
and terminals in intermodal transport

Intuitive operation allows an optimum overview in the terminal

The graphical overview shows tracks, traffic lanes, loading lanes and parking lanes.

Different colours quickly indicate the status of the loading unit. That means, for instant, that input loading units are yellow and output loading units are green. In addition, loading units that include hazardous goods are indicated in red.

The presentation of the terminal in split images always guarantees a good overview. Two magnifying glasses are available for scaling up the details.

The pictograms of the flat cars and special information on cars are provided from a master file that includes all rail carrier wagons used in the intermodal transport.

Clicking the mouse on the wagon unit or a wagon displays additional information.

The crane jobs include marking, number and size of the loading unit, as well as the source of the crane job.

Furthermore, information on hazardous goods, the licence plate of the trucks, as well as the destination and possible additional information will be displayed.