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Operating management system for transshipment stations
and terminals in intermodal transport

BLU Core System
Heart and the pulse of each system control

The system supports the following operative processes:

  • Incoming traffic on rail, outgoing traffic on road
  • Incoming traffic on road, outgoing traffic on rail
  • Management of placement areas and gateway

Additional services:

  • Preparation of analyses and statistics.

All these processes together form the Blu core system.


BLU Data Transfer

In the preliminary stages, operative transmission data and status information are exchanged bidirectionally with the railway transport company and in real time via an electronic standard interface.

All necessary details, e.g. advance announcement on rail input, wagon order, or order details, will be available at the arrival of a train or truck at the terminal.

The BLU transfer server is the data collector and data transfer unit between the railway transport company, the operators and the BLU locations. The operator can also directly communicate with the terminal server.