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Operating management system for transfer stations
and terminals in intermodal transport

20% more load transfer capacity without infrastructure measures

BLU developed by Berghof is an intelligent operating management system that controls, monitors and handles all processes at transshipment stations and terminals. With this, the system pursues the objective of combined traffic for an economic, optimised and continuous transport chain - from the consignor to the recipient


Modularly designed operating management system that effectively controls all processes at a location

Process reliability
All costs can be documented, calculated, and accounted.

Saving of time         
Shorter transit times for containers, trucks, and cranes.

Load tracking
Know at any time where your container is.
Searching for the storage space will not be necessary anymore.

Most advanced art of engineering ensures high technical availability of the system. (>98%)

Space utilisation
Increase in efficiency due to higher performance using the same storage space and therefore full utilisation of the existing infrastructure
(Crane, track extension).

Security of orders
Safe wagon master data storage ensures that no wrong crane movements take place.

Flexible, compatible
EVU supplies basic data on train and loading units.
BLU sends final data back to EVU.

Complete solution
Management of all pieces of information in one system.
Due to stack control and depot management no further interfaces will be required.
With this, all important information is provided at a glance!

The HMI software of BLU allows better data handling between dispatcher and crane driver.

Process analysis / project monitoring / employee training
Service - 24/7 can be booked