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It manages, optimises and controls logistics flows

The logistics transports the right goods to the right place at the right time

The Yard Management, the factory logistics and the automation of shipment include planning, organisation, control, processing and inspection of the whole material and goods flow.

Be one step ahead of competition by efficient organisation

In order to maintain their competitive edge logistics companies are forced to optimise transport, transhipment and storage of the freight referring to speed, performance, reliability and efficiency.

In the depots of transshipment and production centres it is required to coordinate and inspect a number of activities.

YARD-MANAGEMENT is the software solution for non-ordered processes in the company grounds or for unhandily assignment of specific storage places in front of loading gates or ramps. The system simplifies the organisation of transport processes in the depot with the objective to optimally use the existing resources and to allow a smooth run of all processes, from the arrival to the departure.

  • The software controlled system provides for the perfect overview in the depot of a forwarding company.
  • All parking terminals, gates and existing load units in the company grounds are displayed by the user interface.
  • YARD-Management organises and controls all container movements with the objective to design transport routes as well as organisation and management more efficiently.
  • By means of special software tools, the respective haulage areas where the slow goods are made available for loading or unloading are coordinated.
  • Via the – usually automatic – registration of arrivals and departures an overview is created on the currently existing stock on hand that have not been received in the goods-in or in the storage.
  • It is the objective to find as optimum as possible times and locations for loading and unloading to avoid, for instance, waiting times on the ramps and gates.
  • The management system made by Berghof is mainly suitable for large company grounds with high delivery traffic density and a large number of different loading stations.