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Berghof Automation GmbH
Process Management
Langensalzaer Landstraße 23
99974 Mühlhausen | Germany
P +49 3601 4777-0
F +49 3601 4777-10

Innovative, modern, family-friendly

The Thuringian-Swabian company Berghof Process Management is developing intelligent solutions in the field of modular information and test systems for control systems, test and charging technology at the location Mühlhausen.

With this, the starting position for customers all over the world is often similar: More and more complex processes make higher demands on employees and business partners – at the same time everything shall work more effective, lead to improvements for the customers and allow higher turnovers. In these cases, the desired solution can only be delivered by an intelligent process management.

Due to the holistic focus on process and safety optimisation in the various industrial fields we master the complex interaction of controls, databases, and visualisation and provide flexible solutions as standardised and customer-specific «Products».


Railway | Automotive | Logistics | Broadcast

For many years, in Mühlhausen we have a high opinion of our own team consisting of specialists and skilled employees who meet such challenges with passion and creativity to achieve the best solution for the customers in the most different industrial fields. Not without good reason, Berghof Process Management is finally with BLU one of the worldwide leading providers of operating management systems for transhipment stations and terminals in intermodal transport.

Furthermore. Berghof Process Management is developing very powerful test systems of high-voltage batteries as well as intelligent platforms for charging devices for starter batteries for numerous well-known automotive manufacturers like BMW or Daimler.

With this, due to its great know-how and long-term experience the company is all set for the growing market of e-mobility whose importance currently is increasing enormously.

Berghof PM is offers varied and exiting workplaces in a secure company and combines successful entrepreneurship with social and civic engagement.

This secures a bright future.