Berghof Automation GmbH
Annett Lange
Branch Management
Langensalzaer Landstraße 23
D-99974 Mühlhausen

P +49 3601 4777-0
F +49 3601 4777-10

Berghof GmbH
Anna Tajbert
Harretstraße 1
D-72800 Eningen

P +49 7121 894-166
F +49 7121 894-100


Innovative, modern, family-friendly

We are looking for the decisive competition advantage!

You ... as motivated employee.

What we are offering is a friendly working atmosphere, always characterised by respect to each other, also when it does not go as planned.

Your ideas and inspirations are important to us. No matter in which areas or services. You push us forward and communicate entrepreneurial quality.

We would be happy to answer your questions.
Only contact us.