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Jürgen Feja
Sales Manager International
Railway | Logistics
P +49 3601 4777-22
F +49 3601 4777-10

Monitoring system for the broadcast range

Usability - the easiest way of not losing the track

The easy and intuitive usability of a software system is an important quality factor for each user.

The interface developed by Berghof RCM pursues all aspects of the most important specifications for usability:

  • Navigation and Orientation
  • Interaction and exchange of information
  • Up-to-dateness and quality
  • Information and text design
  • Traceability and accessibility
  • It considers various experiences
  • Feedback on the user's actions
  • Completed operations
  • Prevention of mistakes
  • Easy Reset function
  • User-defined inputs
  • Low load of the short-term memory buffer