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Intelligent, modular, IT-integrated charging platform for starter batteries

The multi-talent with outstanding capacities in the battery charging technology

The intelligent charging computer MCB has especially been developed for the automotive sector and is also used in the industrial sector of electric mobility.

Due to the successful market expansion of the powerful lithium-ion technology more and more starter batteries including the old lead technology are being replaced by the improved technology.

As a consequence, the so-called "mixed operation" of the two technologies cannot be avoided.

The secret of the superiority of the automatic "battery distinction" function is based on the charging intelligence that currently introduces new standards. That means that the MCB charging computer made by BERGHOF is able to reliably charge different batteries completely automatically using only one device.


More performance and intelligence in every department

Application | Installation
The vehicles are manufactured in different production cycles in the production line. MCB is mounted after the electronic system of the vehicle has been installed and it is developed in a way that no further construction measures have to be taken on the side of the production line. MCB can be implemented in each system.

During the further production cycles, MCB supplies a stable 12 Volt voltage for the vehicle. With this, connected components can be tested and programmed. The actual vehicle battery is not (fully) loaded and continuously recharged also in case of "stress situations".

Saving of time in the production process
After the final production in the finishing area, the installed battery will be charged completely. Charging time approx. 20 min.
This process is not applicable when the MCB has been installed. The battery is charged by the constant current source connected in parallel.

No failure anymore
MCB automatically recognises which type of battery has been installed in the vehicle. This means starter batteries are automatically and reliably identified and the appropriate charging method is selected automatically. The proper charging method protects from failures and defects.

Easy integration without problems
MCB can be easily be integrated in the existing company network.
If the parameter have been set newly, it will not be necessary to update each device individually by USB stick. The production manager can centrally parameterise all devices from his/her workstation and with this maintenance and standstill times of the production line will be saved.

Comprehensive result
MCB supplies comprehensive and deep-reaching data also outside the boundary of the area of application. For instance detailed charging curves, parameter lists, and maintenance and failure statuses.

120 A - Power
For charging and supplying of the vehicle the MCB is in the higher performance class. 120 A constant. The resulting shorter charging process allows more time-savings in the production than the competitor's product does.

MCB checks its own functionality and indicated preventive maintenance. In case a malfunction occurs or extensive maintenance is required as per schedule, the MCB indicates the status in advance. With this, a premature reaction and the use of a substitute device will be possible.