Markus Zacherl
Sales Manager International 
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Battery testing technology in the field of electric mobility

Installation variant EOL, test bench HV battery

  • Controlling and regulating of the test run of the central control station.
  • Central control panel, incl. control system, communicates with source/sink system and specimen.
  • Regenerative source/sink system for loading/charging of the HV-batteries to be tested.
  • Integrated HV- and TSO measuring system.
  • Intelligent Restbus simulation (hardware and software).
  • Turn-off insulation guard.
  • Integration of the density test system is possible.
  • Integration of contact arrangements as per customer data.
  • Integration and creation of different PLC applications.
  • Communication with company network or internal database systems.
  • Possibility of remote maintenance.
  • Creation of test software in LabView.
  • Test software consists of a test run editor, this is used by the customers to edit or adapt the test sequence.
  • Communication via several interfaces (Modbus, TCP/IP, VNC, CAN etc.).