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Battery testing technology in the field of electric mobility

High-voltage battery as key technology for the electric mobility

2019 is an important year for the industry of electric cars. Then, in 2020, the CO2 limit values stipulated by the EU will be binding for the first time. The number of electric vehicles has been increased to approx. 3.8 million e-cars at the beginning of 2018.

Apart from the electric motor, the high-voltage battery is one of the key components of the e-car.

Berghof Process Management specialised in reliable and effective battery testing technology in the field of e-mobility.

Reliable tests at high charging voltage or current

Quality tests of cells, modules and complete high-voltage batteries.

High capacity (up to 1MW) and high DC currents (1600 A)

Automatically adaptable test sequence due to test run editor. Simulation of drive cycles as well as output of a detailed failure analysis.
Connection to the LabVIEW for extensive further processing of all pieces of data.

Real time operating system for data collection.
Communication / Restbus simulation with all BMS.
Downloading of test parameters / test sequences is always possible via the network or USB. Extensive further processing of all pieces of data by connecting to LabVIEW.

All relevant data is saved in the local database and can centrally be made accessible. Crosslinking of multiple test stations is possible and they can be managed and monitored by one central control station. With this, reading of status data of multiple test stations is possible at the same time.

The easy and safe operation of the test system guarantees safety for the employees and avoids possible error sources in fully or semi-automatic test runs. Observance of the required safety requirements, especially when dealing with high voltage is ensured at any time.

Cost-efficient overall solution, low operating costs, and long lifetime.